Shakespearean Baby Boy Names

98 Shakespearean Baby Boy names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 98 Shakespearean Baby Boy names to name your baby on 2021.

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Name Meaning Like
Aaron Exalted One, High Mountain, Light Bringer
Abraham Faultless
Adam Red Earth, First Human Being
Adrian Dark One, Rich
Adriano Dark, Similar to Adrian, The Adriatic Sea
Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind
Alonso Alfonso, Ready for Battle
Antonio Highly Praiseworthy
Balthasar God Save the King
Balthazar God Save the King, Baal Protect the King
Bardolph Axe-wolf
Bassett Short, Little Person, Low
Bernardo Bear, Courageous, Strong, Brave Bear
Brandon Beacon Hill, Sword, Broom Covered Hill
Caius Happy, Rejoice, Lord
Camillo Free-born Child, Noble
Cato Knowledgeable, Wise, All-knowing
Charles Manly, Strong, Free Man, Full-grown, A Man
Chiron A Centaur
Claudio Lame, Disabled, Limping
Claudius Lame, Limping, Disabled
Cleon Glory, Fame, Good Repute, Hilly Area, Famous
Conrade Brave Adviser
Corin Spear-bearer
Cornelius Like a Horn, Strong Willed, Wise, Horned
Cromwell Lives by the Winding Stream
Curtis Polite, Courteous
Demetrius Of the Earth, God of Fertility
Dion God, Abbreviation of Dionysius
Duncan Brown Warrior, Dark-skinned Warrior
Edgar Wealthy Spear-man, Owner of Spear
Edmund Wealthy Defender, Prosperous Protection
Fabian Bean Grower, Grower of Beans, The Sky
Fenton Marshland Dweller, Marsh Settlement
Ferdinand To be Courageous, Bold Voyager, Bold
Flavius Yellow-haired, Blond
Fluellen From the Welsh Llewellyn
Ford From the River Crossing
Francis Free, French Man, A Man Form France
Frederick Peaceful Ruler, Elf, Magical Counsel

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