Rajasthani Baby Girl Names

57 Rajasthani Baby Girl names available with meaning. Browse all the 57 Rajasthani Baby Girl names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Rajasthani Baby Girl Names | 57 Names Available - NamesLook



Name Meaning Like
Aarati Towards the Highest Love for God
Aasa Hope, Aspiration, Admirable
Akanksha Desire Expectations, Wish, Desire, Hope
Amisha Beautiful, Without decept, Pure
Aneeta Who takes pleasure in new joys, Grace
Aparna Leafless, Precious Gemstone, Leaf, Dream
Barsha Rain
Bhaavana Emotion, Good Feelings, Emotions
Bhagyashree Fortunate, Goddess Lakshmi, Auspicious
Bhagyashri Goddess Lakshmi, Fortunate, Auspicious
Bhanupriya Beloved of the Sun, The suns beloved
Bhavina Full of Emotions,
Bimala Pure
Bimla Pure
Buji A Loving Nick Name
Chaaya Shadow
Chameli Jasmine, A Creeper with Flowers
Chamelia Particular Flower
Damini Lightning
Deekshita Initiation
Dharmini Religious
Durgeshwari Goddess Durga
Fullan Flowering, Blooming, Flower
Garima Warmth, Proud, Dignity, Prowess, Strength
Geetha Holy book of the hindus, Song
Gitanjali Collection of pomes ir song
Gowri Goddess Parvati, Bright, Parvati
Hemlata Golden Creeper, Golden Tree
Jamuna Holy River in India, Holy river
Jassika Beautiful and Cute
Jayalaksmi Goddess Lakshmi Representing Success
Jayalaxmi Goddess of victory, Star
Kushboo Beautiful Fragrance, Sweet Smell
Lisha Full of Mystery, Derived from Alicia
Maheswari Goddess Durga, God Shankar
Mandakini A river
Mangalya Pious, Pure, Auspicious
Manorama Attractive, Beautiful, Touch in Heart
Meenu Fish which moves with ease everywhere bestowing Love and peace over her surroundings getting pride to all
Mehandi A Flowering Plan

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