Punjabi Baby Girl Names

829 Punjabi Baby Girl names available with meaning. Browse all the 829 Punjabi Baby Girl names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Punjabi Baby Girl Names | 800+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Aarati Towards the Highest Love for God
Aarti Form of Worship, Prayer, Worship to God
Aasa Hope, Aspiration, Admirable
Abani Earth
Adishree Exalted, Goddess Laxmi / Parvati
Adrika Goddess Lakshmi, Celestial
Ahalya Wife of Rishi Gautam
Aishani Another Name of Goddess Durga
Alaknanda A River in the Himalayas, Flawless
Alpana Decorative Design, Beautiful
Amarit God's Nectar
Amninder Stay Alive
Amnit Who Desires for Peace
Amodini Happy Girl, Joyful, Pleasurable
Amrat God's Nectar
Amrique Celestial God
Amritvaani Sweet Voice, True Saying
Amrusha Sudden
Anahat Limitless
Anamika Name of Goddess Durga, Mysterious
Anandamayi Full of Joy, Full of happiness
Aneesha Victory, Uninterrupted, Continuous
Aneha One Love
Angana An Suspicious or Handsome Woman
Angarika A Flame-coloured Flower-palash
Anindita Someone who is Never Insulted
Anisha Pure, Grace, Continuous, Day, Supreme, Fun
Anjali Join Hands, Palms Together
Anjeela Homage
Anjila Homage
Anju One who Lives in the Heart, Blessing
Ankita Baby of Sun, Marked, Lovable, Conquered
Anku Grace
Anoushka A Term of Endearment
Anuhya Different, Beyond Ones Expectations
Anumati Apane, Consent
Anwesha Invention, Quest, Love, Search
Apala Name of a Learned Woman of the Past
Apardeep Lamp of the Infinite
Aparna Leafless, Precious Gemstone, Leaf, Dream

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