Portuguese Baby Girl Names

321 Portuguese Baby Girl names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 321 Portuguese Baby Girl names to name your baby on 2021.

Portuguese Baby Girl Names | 300+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Adelia Of the Nobility, Noble Kind, Kind
Adelina Noble Kind, Adornment, Nobility
Adriana Dark and Rich, Woman from Hadria
Aida Visiting, Noble, Nobility, Reward, Present
Alberta Noble and Bright, Form of Albert, Noble
Alda Rich, Old, Wise, Noble, Long Lived
Alexandra Protector of Man, Man's Defender
Amalia Industrious, Work, Striving, Rival
Anabela Graceful and Beautiful, Easy to Love
Anahata Far of Pain,
Andrea Manly, A Man's Woman, Beautiful and Dared
Angela Heavenly Messenger, Angel
Angelina Guiding Spirit, Angelic, Messenger of God
Antia Invaluable
Armanda Army Man, Feminine of Armando
Arminda Soldier, Army Man
Augusta Great, Female Version of Augustus
Aurelia Golden, Wind, Dawn, Breeze
Aurora Dawn
Avelina Hazelnut
Beatriz Voyager, Blessed, Brings Joy, Violet Flower
Bernardina Bear, Courageous, Brave as a Bear, Strong
Bibiana Alive, Lady, Full of Life, Lively
Bridget Strength, Power, Strong Willed
Bruna Of the Dark Hair, Brown-skinned
Camila Free-born, Noble, Similar to Camilla
Candelaria Candle
Carme Garden-land
Carolina Little and Womanly, Joy, Song of Happiness
Catalina Pure, Proud, Warlike
Catherine Pure, Innocent, Torture, Sweet and Strict
Catina Pure, Torture
Cecilia Dim Sighted, The Way for the Blind, Sixth
Celestina Heavenly, Divine, Of Sky
Celia Blind, Form of Cecilia, Heavenly, Divine
Celina Sky, Goddess of the Moon, Heavenly, Moon
Clara Queen, Bright, Clear, Famous
Clarinda Similar to Clara, Bright, Famous, Beautiful
Clarisse Shining and Gentle, Fame, Most Bright
Claudia Lame, Persevering, Limping, Disabled

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