Portuguese Baby names starting with V

Portuguese Baby names starting with V - 25 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Portuguese Baby names starting with V - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Valdemar Famous Ruler Boy
Valente Strong, Healthy, Variant of Valentinus Boy
Valentine Strong, Courageous, Healthy Boy
Valeria To be Strong Girl
Valerio Brave, To be Healthy, To be Strong Boy
Vanessa Genus of Butterfly, Star, Coined from Girl
Vanya The Lord is Gracious, Flute Girl
Verna Truth, Born in Spring, Spear Ruler, Faith Girl
Vicente Conquering Boy
Vidal Life, Used as Both Surname and Given Name Boy
Violante Purple Girl
Vione Girl
Virgil Staff Bearer, Strong, Spring Green Boy
Virgilio Staff Bearer, Flourishing, Strong Boy
Virginia Pure, Maiden, Virgin Girl
Viviana Alive, Vibrant, Full of Life, Lively, Life Girl
Verity Truth Girl
Violet Bluish Purple, Violet Flower, Pure, Gentle Girl
Vasco Crow Boy
Vitor Champion Boy
Virgilia Staff Bearer, Appeared in Coriolanus Girl
Vera Truth, Victory, One who Brings Victory Girl
Veronica One who Brings Victory, True Image, Severe Girl
Vanda Wish, Desire, Wanderer, The Girl
Videl Life, Used as Both Surname and Given Name Boy

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