Portuguese Baby names starting with T

Portuguese Baby names starting with T - 30 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Portuguese Baby names starting with T - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Taina Fairy Princess, Father, Blessed Girl
Talita Young Girl, Young Woman, Little Girl Girl
Tania Fairy Princess Girl
Tatiana Fairy Princess, Fairy Queen Girl
Tayana Form of Taya Boy
Telma Volition, Thelma, Helmet, Protection Girl
Telmo Safe, Peace, Saint Elmo Boy
Teobaldo Courageous People, Pearl Boy
Teodora Gift from God, God's Gift Girl
Teodoro God Given, Gift of God Boy
Teofilo Loved by God Boy
Teresa Harvester, Late Summer, To Flow Down Girl
Teresina Reaper, Ready for Battle Girl
Thalia To Blossom, Flourishing, Blooming Girl
Theodoric People's Ruler, Ruler of the Army Boy
Theresa Harvester, Summer, One who Reaps, Reaper Girl
Thiago Saint Elmo Boy
Thomas Twin Boy
Timoteo Honouring God, God's Honour Boy
Timothy To Fear God, Honoring God, Name of a Saint Boy
Tissi Boy
Tobias The Lord is Good Boy
Tomas Twin, A Form of Thomas Boy
Toppa Boy
Totta Pet Form of Torsten Boy
Trajan Unconquered Boy
Tristan Tumult, Sad, Outcry Boy
Tycia Girl
Tane Man, God of the Forests, Man of Rome Boy
Tome Twin Boy

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