Portuguese Baby names starting with I

Portuguese Baby names starting with I - 21 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Portuguese Baby names starting with I - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Imaculada Wished-for Child, Bitter, Rebellious Girl
Ines Partner, Virgin, Pure, Chaste, Holy Girl
Iolanda Violet Flower, Vine Branch Girl
Iphigenia Sacrifice, Sacred Name, Strong Born Girl
Irene Peaceful, Palm Tree, A Piece Girl
Isaac Laughing One, Laughter, He will Laugh Boy
Isabel Consecrated to God, My God is Bountiful Girl
Isabell God is Perfection, God's Promise Girl
Isadora Gift of the Moon, Gift of Isis Girl
Isaura Gentle Breeze, Snow Girl
Ismael A Prophet's Name, Prophet, He Hears Boy
Israel Contender with God, God Perseveres Boy
Issabell Consecrated to God Girl
Itala From Italy Girl
Italo Of Great Power Boy
Izabel God is My Oath Girl
Ida Prosperous, Happy, Work, Labour, Woman Girl
Iris Rainbow, Flower, Radiance, Peace Girl
Ivo Archer's Bow, Yew, Form of Yves Boy
Ignatius Fiery One, Ardent, Burning Boy
Iva A Climbing Evergreen Ornamental Plant Girl

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