Portuguese Baby names starting with E

Portuguese Baby names starting with E - 43 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Portuguese Baby names starting with E - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Edgar Wealthy Spear-man, Owner of Spear Boy
Edmundo Prosperous Protector, Wealthy Guard Boy
Edson Son of Edward, Ed's Son, Son of Domingo Boy
Eduarda Wealthy Guardian, Rich Benefactress Girl
Eduardo Wealthy Guardian, Wealthy Defender, Wealth Boy
Edwardo Form of Edward, Guardian of Prosperity Boy
Elba Dawn Girl
Elda Battle, Wise or Prudent Adviser Girl
Elena Light, Sun Ray, Shining, Form of Eleanor Girl
Elia Jehovah is God, The Lord is My God Girl
Eliana My God has Answered Me Girl
Elias The God is My Lord, Jehovah is God Boy
Elisha God is My Salvation Boy
Elizabeth God is My Oath, My God is Bountiful Girl
Ella Light, Foreign, Beautiful Fairy Woman Girl
Eloy Chosen One, The Highest, Renowned Warrior Boy
Elvira True to All, White, Blond, The Fair One Girl
Emanuel God is with us, With us is God Boy
Emilia Industrious, Friendly, Form of Emilie Girl
Emiliana Excellent, Work, Rival, Laborious, Eager Girl
Enia Jewel, Fiery Girl
Enrique Estate Ruler, Ruler of the Estate Boy
Enriquez The Saints Boy
Eric Ruler, Peaceful Ruler, Ever-powerful Boy
Ermelinda Serpent, Powerful Warrior Girl
Ernesto Sincere, A Son, Serious, See, Determined Boy
Eufemia One with the Good Reputation Girl
Eugene Noble, Born Lucky, Well-born Boy
Eugenia Noble, Of Noble Descent, Sweet Spoken Girl
Eugenio Well Born, Noble Boy
Eulalia Eloquent, Well-spoken, To Talk Well Girl
Eunice Good Victory, Victorious Girl
Eva Life, To Live, To Breath, Good News Girl
Ela God is My Oath, Stone, All, Completely Girl
Elisa God is My Oath, God's Promise Girl
Emanuela God with us, Feminine Similar to Emanuel Girl
Etelvina Loyal and Noble Friend Girl
Estefania Crown, Garland Girl
Eusebius Pious, Devout, Worships Well, Good Worship Boy
Elder From the Elder Tree, One's Elder Boy

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