Cute Portuguese Baby Names

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Celina Sky, Goddess of the Moon, Heavenly, Moon Girls Name
Catalina Pure, Proud, Warlike Girls Name
Catherine Pure, Innocent, Torture, Sweet and Strict Girls Name
Diana Divine, Window of Florence Girls Name
Deborah Bee, To Speak Kind Words, Hebrew, Queen Bee Girls Name
Dorothy Gift of God, Gift Girls Name
Eva Life, To Live, To Breath, Good News Girls Name
Ella Light, Foreign, Beautiful Fairy Woman Girls Name
Elena Light, Sun Ray, Shining, Form of Eleanor Girls Name
Emilia Industrious, Friendly, Form of Emilie Girls Name
Fiona White, Fair, Pale, Blond, Beautiful, Hero Girls Name
Fatima The Prophet Mohammad's Daughter, Weaning Girls Name
Hayana Eyes Girls Name
Helena Light, Torch, Sun Ray, Corposant, Bright One Girls Name
Irene Peaceful, Palm Tree, A Piece Girls Name
Isabel Consecrated to God, My God is Bountiful Girls Name
Jayna Gracious, Jehovah has been Gracious Girls Name
Julia Youthful, Soft Haired, Down-bearded Youth Girls Name
Jessica Warrior, He Beholds, Rich, God's Grace Girls Name
Jessina Victory Girls Name
Karina Flower, Pure, Innocent, Dear Little One Girls Name
Lina Alive, Pledge, Noble, Nobility, Light, Garden Girls Name
Limna Special, The One Girls Name
Lucia Bringer of Light, Light Girls Name
Lydia Woman from Lydia, Noble Kind Girls Name
Lorena Crowned with Laurels Girls Name
Maria Pleasure of Joy, Bitter, Sea of Bitterness Girls Name
Marta Mistress, Mistress of the House or Lady Girls Name
Marcia Warlike, From the God Mars Girls Name
Marisa Combination of Maria and Luisa Girls Name
Monica Adviser, Solitary, Alone, Unique Girls Name
Marlene From the High Tower Girls Name
Melinda Grateful, Gentle, Dark, Honey, Sweet Girls Name
Melissa A Bee, Honey Bee Girls Name
Nadia Caller, Moist, Tender, Delicate, Hopeful Girls Name
Orana Moon Girls Name
Olivia Olive Tree, Elf Army Girls Name
Paula Small, Humble, String, Little Girls Name
Penelope A Penelope, Wife of Odysseys Girls Name
Rosa Rose, Little Rose, Flower Name, Truthful Girls Name