Cute Portuguese Baby Names

Page 18 718 Portuguese Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 718 Portuguese Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Zenaida Power of Zeus, Belonging of Zeus Girls Name
Berengar Bear and Spear Boys Name
Eusebius Pious, Devout, Worships Well, Good Worship Boys Name
Mayor Greater, Bringer of Light, Farmer Boys Name
Mauritius Dark, Moorish, Dark-skinned Boys Name
Sidonius Man from Rome Boys Name
Luzia Born at Day Break, Light Girls Name
Vera Truth, Victory, One who Brings Victory Girls Name
Veronica One who Brings Victory, True Image, Severe Girls Name
Xenia Hospitality, Welcoming, Guest, Stranger Girls Name
Cid Lord Boys Name
Fiam Comedy Boys Name
Uns Boys Name
Flora Flower, The Goddess of Flower Girls Name
Vanda Wish, Desire, Wanderer, The Girls Name
Alaric Noble Ruler, Ruler of All, High-born Ruler Boys Name
Barnabas Son of Prophecy, Son of Consolation Boys Name
Diamond Bright Guardian, Of the Tiber, River Boys Name
Elder From the Elder Tree, One's Elder Boys Name
Gill French Form of Julius, Shining Pledge Boys Name
Ivo Archer's Bow, Yew, Form of Yves Boys Name
Ignatius Fiery One, Ardent, Burning Boys Name
Menta Boys Name
Urban From the City Boys Name
Videl Life, Used as Both Surname and Given Name Boys Name
Woody Row of Houses by a Wood Boys Name
Agnys Girls Name
Aline Noble, Nobility, Light, Lovely Girls Name
Berengaria Maiden of the Bear-spear, Maiden Girls Name
Cassia Champion, Cinnamon, A Type of the Girls Name
Clover Clover, Flower Name, Fortunate, Mind, Heart Girls Name
Daisy Eye of the Day, Flower Name, Day's Eye Girls Name
Elle Feminine, Bright One, God is My Light Girls Name
Erica Always Ruler, Honorable Ruler Girls Name
Emerald Precious Green Gem Stone, Jewel Name Girls Name
Gloria Prayer of God Girls Name
Hyacinth The Hyacinth Flower, Flower Name, Hyacinth Girls Name
Iva A Climbing Evergreen Ornamental Plant Girls Name