Cute Portuguese Baby Names

718 Portuguese Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 718 Portuguese Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Abel Breath, Highborn and Steadfast, Child Boys Name
Adam Red Earth, First Human Being Boys Name
Aloc Solider for God Boys Name
Aaron Exalted One, High Mountain, Light Bringer Boys Name
Arita One who Leads in the Right Direction Boys Name
Aruth Nice, Wind Boys Name
Andrew Manly, Masculine, Warrior, Manly and Strong Boys Name
Antony Priceless, Highly Praiseworthy Boys Name
Aranis Removes Darkness by Bringing Light Boys Name
Abraham Faultless Boys Name
Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind Boys Name
Baldwin Bold, Princely Friend Boys Name
Benedict Blessed, Happy Boys Name
Benjamin Born of the Right Hand Boys Name
Cain Craftsman, Warrior's Son, Spear, Archaic Boys Name
Carlos Strong and Manly, Masculine Boys Name
Dani Close, Near, God is My Judge Boys Name
Dino An Expert with the Spear Boys Name
David Beloved One Boys Name
Damian To Tame, Subdue, Tamer Boys Name
Daniel God is My Judge, My Judge is the Lord Boys Name
Eric Ruler, Peaceful Ruler, Ever-powerful Boys Name
Elisha God is My Salvation Boys Name
Fabian Bean Grower, Grower of Beans, The Sky Boys Name
Frederick Peaceful Ruler, Elf, Magical Counsel Boys Name
Gabriel Christian, God is My Strength Boys Name
Hugo Bright Mind, Mind, Spirit, Form of Hugh Boys Name
Henry Ruler of the Enclosure, Estate Ruler Boys Name
Isaac Laughing One, Laughter, He will Laugh Boys Name
Joel God is Willing, Lord is God Boys Name
John God is Merciful, Gift of God Boys Name
James Supplanter, Jimmy, Variant of Jacob Boys Name
Jorge Farmer, A Tiller of the Soil Boys Name
Jaisan God Vishnu, Variant of jason Boys Name
Javier Owner of a New House, Born in January Boys Name
Jeremy Appointed by God, The Lord Exalts Boys Name
Joseph God will Increase, Jehova Increases Boys Name
Joshua Jehovah Saves, The Lord is Salvation Boys Name
Justin Clever, Just, Upright, Righteous, True Boys Name
Jonathan Gift of Jehovah, Yahweh has Given Boys Name