Polish Baby names starting with 'W'

Polish Baby names starting with W - 45 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Polish Baby names starting with 'W' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Waclaw More Glory, Great Fame Boy
Waclawa More Glory Girl
Walburga Power, Strong Protection Girl
Waldemar Famous Ruler Boy
Walenty Healthy, Strong Boy
Walentyn Healthy, Strong Boy
Walentyna Healthy, Strong Girl
Waleria To be Strong, Healthy Girl
Walerian Strong, To be Strong, Healthy Boy
Walery Strong Boy
Walter People of Power, Powerful Warrior Boy
Wanda Get Fat, Wanderer Girl
Wandy Wanderer Girl
Wandzia Wanderer Girl
Wanessa Type of a Butterfly Girl
Wasyl Ruler Boy
Wenceslas Greater Glory, Glorious Garland Boy
Wenceslaus Glorious Garland, Greater Glory Boy
Wera Sincere Boy
Weronika True Image, Bringer of Victory Girl
Wielhelm Helmet Protection, Will Desire Boy
Wiera Bearer of Victory, True Image Girl
Wieslaw Great Glory, All Glory Boy
Wieslawa Great Glory Girl
Wikitoria Victorious Girl
Wiktor Conqueror Boy
Wiktoria Conqueror, Victorious, Victory Girl
Wilham Will Desire, Helmet Protection Boy
Wilhelm German Form of William, Will-helmet Boy
Wilhelmina Will, Desire, Helmet, Resolute Protector Girl
Wincent Conqueror Boy
Wiola Violet Girl
Wioleta Violet Girl
Wioletta Violet Flower, A Color Girl
Wira White Skinned Girl
Witalis Capable of Life Boy
Witold Alive, Ruler of the Woods Boy
Wladimir Renowned Prince Boy
Wladislav Glorious Ruler, Powerful Glory Boy
Wladyslaw Glorious Ruler Boy

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