Polish Baby names starting with 'S'

Polish Baby names starting with S - 38 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Polish Baby names starting with 'S' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Sabina Catlike, Form of Sabine Girl
Sailender Ruling the Mountain, King of Mountain. Boy
Salomea Peace Girl
Salomon Peaceful, Variant of Shalom Boy
Samanta Listener, God has Heard, Flower, Equality Girl
Samson Bright as the Sun, Sun Child, Like the Sun Boy
Samuel Asked of God, Told by God Boy
Sandra Form of Alexander Girl
Sebastian Man from Sebaste Boy
Sebastjan Man from Sebasta Boy
Serafina Burning Passion, Fiery Ones, Ardent Girl
Serefina Burning Fire, From Seraphim, Fiery Ones Girl
Sibilia Prophetess, Oracle Girl
Sidor Talented Boy
Sigismund Victorious Hand, Protector Boy
Simeon Obeys, God has Listen, Listening Intently Boy
Slawek Glad for Glory Boy
Slawomir Glorious Peace Boy
Snita Soft Girl
Sofia Knowledge, Wisdom, Will Girl
Solomon Peaceful Boy
Stanislas Fame, Glory, Careful, Thoughtful Boy
Stanislaus Fame, Glory, Careful, Spike, Ear of Corn Boy
Stanislav Camp Glory, Fame, Careful, Strength Boy
Stanislava Star, Fame, Glory, Strength, Firmness Girl
Stanislaw Glorious Camp, Stand, Camp Glory Boy
Stanislawa Famous for his Stead-fast Character Girl
Stefa Crowned, Crown of Laurels, Garland Girl
Stefan Wreath, Similar to, Form of Steven, Crowned Boy
Stefania Crowned in Victory, Garland, Crowned Girl
Stepan Exalts, Crown, Garland Boy
Stephen To Wear a Crown, Wreath, Garland, Crowned Boy
Stojan Stand Boy
Subhadeep Gentle in Nature, High Ability Boy
Sylwia Woods, Forest, From the Forest Girl
Symeon Sign, Heard, Obedient Boy
Szczepan Crown Boy
Szymon Listening Intently, God has Heard Boy

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