Polish Baby names starting with 'K'

Polish Baby names starting with K - 42 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Polish Baby names starting with 'K' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Kacper Boy/Girl
Kai Earth, Victorious, Brave with Spear Boy
Kaja Pure, Hen Girl
Kajetan Place Name Boy
Kamil Perfect, Another Name for God, Whole Boy
Kamilia Helper to the Priest Girl
Kamilla The Perfect One Girl
Karl Farmer, Free Man, Strong and Masculine, Man Boy
Karolin Free Woman, Full Grown, Maiden, Virgin Girl
Karolina Carol, Free Woman, Tiny and Feminine Girl
Karoline Tiny and Feminine, Carol, Free Man Girl
Karta The Actor, To Encompass, To Spin Boy
Kasper Treasure Bearer, Persian Stone Boy
Kassia It is a Baby Name, Pure Girl
Katarina Pure, Virginal, Torture Girl
Katarzyna Pure Girl
Katerina Pure, Torture, Form of Catherine Girl
Katrin Pure, Holy Girl
Katrine Pure, Form of Catherine, Holy Girl
Katy Pure, Form of Katherine, Virginal, Clear Girl
Kazimierz Bringing Peace, Keeping the Peace Boy
Kelby From the Farm Near the Spring Boy
Kilian Small, Fierce, War, Strife, Bright-headed Boy
Klara Clear, Bright, Brilliant, Famous Girl
Klaudia Lame, Limping, Disabled Girl
Klaudiusz Disabled Boy
Klemens Gentle, Merciful, Mild Boy
Klement Giving Mercy, Mild, Merciful Boy
Kleopatra Glory of the Father, Of the Famous Father Girl
Koby Dark-haired, Supplanter, Held by the Heel Boy
Konrad Brave Adviser, Honest Advisor Boy
Konstantyn Boy/Girl
Kornel A Horn Boy
Krysia Boy/Girl
Krystabelle Sparkling Girl
Krystyn Boy/Girl
Krysztof Bearing Christ Boy
Krzysztof Bearer of Christ Boy
Ksawery Boy/Girl
Knut Race, Kind, Knot Boy

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