Polish Baby names starting with 'G'

Polish Baby names starting with G - 17 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Polish Baby names starting with 'G' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Gabriel Christian, God is My Strength Boy
Gabriela God is My Strength, God's Able-bodied One Girl
Gallus Rooster Boy
Garek Spear Ruler, Wealthy Spear, Spear King Boy
Gawin Boy
Genek Born to Nobility, High-born, Well-born Boy
Genowefa White Wave, White Complexion, Fair Girl
Gerard Spear Strong, Spear-brave Boy
Gerik Spear Ruler, Ruler with a Spear Boy
Gertruda From the Protected Farm Girl
Gerwazy Spear Servant, With Honor, Honorable Boy
Gizela Pledge, Hostage Girl
Gora Mountain, Fair, Bright Boy
Gosia Pearl Girl
Grazyna Graceful, Beautiful, Pleasing, Agreeable Girl
Grzegorz Watchful, Vigilant Boy
Gustaw Royal Staff, Staff of the Gods Boy

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