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757 Polish Baby names available with meaning. Browse all the 757 Polish Baby names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Emmerich Work, Ruler, Home Strength, Rich Boy
Ernest Sincere, Serious Battle to the Death Boy
Eryk Peaceful Ruler, Forever, Alone, Ruler Boy
estera Star, Myrtle Leaf Girl
Eufemia One with the Good Reputation Girl
Eugenia Noble, Of Noble Descent, Sweet Spoken Girl
Ewa Life, Mother, Living One, Alive Girl
Ewald Powerful, Powerful in the Law Boy
Ewelina Hazelnut, Bird, The Juniper Tree Girl
Fabian Bean Grower, Grower of Beans, The Sky Boy
Fabiola Bean Grower, Bean, One who Grow Beans Girl
Fajga Bird Girl
Febe Bright, Shining, Radiant Girl
Fela Warlike, Lucky, Happy Boy
Felicia Lucky, Successful, Great Happiness, Happy Girl
Felicjan Fortunate, Lucky, Happy Boy
Feliks Happy, Fortunate, Lucky Boy
Feodor Divine Gift, Gift Form God, God's Gift Boy
Ferdynand Brave Traveller, Bold Voyager Boy
Filip Russian Form of Philip, Horse Lover Boy
Filipa Lover of Horses, Spanish Form of Phillipa Girl
Filipina Lover of Horses Girl
Filomena Who Remains Affectionate Girl
Florens Flowering, From Florence, Blossoming Girl
Florian Flowery, Flourishing Boy
Fortunat Fortunate, Lucky or Happy Boy
Franciszek From France Boy
Franciszka Boy/Girl
Francizek Free, From France Boy
Frania Free, From France Girl
Franka Free Woman, A Frank Girl
Frantisek Frenchman, Free, From France Boy
Fredek Merciful Leader, Peaceful Ruler Boy
Fryderyk Peaceful Ruler Boy
Gabriel Christian, God is My Strength Boy
Gabriela God is My Strength, God's Able-bodied One Girl
Gallus Rooster Boy
Garek Spear Ruler, Wealthy Spear, Spear King Boy
Gawin Boy
Genek Born to Nobility, High-born, Well-born Boy

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