Polish Baby Names

757 Polish Baby names available with meaning. Browse all the 757 Polish Baby names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Polish Baby Names | 700+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Biata Blessed Girl
Bibiana Alive, Lady, Full of Life, Lively Girl
Blazej Boy/Girl
Bogdan Gift from God Boy
Bogomil Dear to God, A Favour of God Boy
Bogumil Favored by the Lord, God's Peace Boy
Bogumila God's Peace, Favoured by the Lord Girl
Boguslaw God's Glory, Glory from God Boy
Boguslawa God's Glory, Glory from God Girl
Bohumil Favoured by God, God's Love Boy
Bohuslav God's Glory Boy
Bolek Large Glory Boy
Boleslaw Great Glory Boy
Bona A Builder, Good Girl
Borys Warrior, To Fight, Battle Glory, Fighter Boy
Bozena Divine Gift, Gift of God Girl
Bozidar Gift from God, Divine Gift Boy
Branimir Peaceful Protector, Famous Boy
Bronislaw Glorious Armor, Protective Shield Boy
Bronislawa Glorious Protector Girl
Brunon Brown Boy
Brygida Strong, The Exalted One, To Help Girl
Budimir Peace, Awakened Boy
Casimir Peacemaker, From a Polish Word Boy
Casmir Boy/Girl
Cecilia Dim Sighted, The Way for the Blind, Sixth Girl
Cecylia Blind One, Sixth Girl
Celina Sky, Goddess of the Moon, Heavenly, Moon Girl
Cezar Hairy, Head of Hair, Long-haired Boy
Cezary Hairy, Honest Boy
Chrystian Follower of Christ Boy
Dagmara Wonderful Soul, Sublime Soul Girl
Daiya Caller for Islam Girl
Damian To Tame, Subdue, Tamer Boy
Damijan To Tame, Subdue Boy
Damon To Tame, Constant, Spirit, Subdue, Blue Sky Boy
Dan God is My Judge, Form of Daniel Boy
Dana God is My Judge, A Dane, Judge, Arbiter Girl
Danek God is My Judge Boy
Danica Morning Star, God is Mu Judge, Dream Girl

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