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757 Polish Baby names available with meaning. Browse all the 757 Polish Baby names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Miroslav Peace, Great, Famous, Glory Boy
Pawl Small, Humble, Little Boy
Vasily Royal, Kingly Boy
Viktor The Conqueror, Victory, Victorious, Conquer Boy
Viliam Will, Desire, Helmet, Protection Boy
Vojislav War Glory Boy
Vladislav Rule with Glory, Has Glory, Splendid Rule Boy
Zbigniew To Dispel Anger, To Get Rid of Anger Boy
Elwira White Girl
Luiza Famous in War, Glorious Warrior Girl
Lodzia Bright, White, Clear Girl
Ludmila Graceful People, Dear, Favour, Love Girl
Lilijana Lily Girl
Manina Warlike Girl
Wan Gentle, Gracious Girl
Edek Guardian of Property Boy
Fidelis Faithful, Loyal, Reliable Boy
Iwo Yew Tree Boy
Knut Race, Kind, Knot Boy
Paulin Little, Small, Humble Boy
Emilja Rival, Laborious, Eager, Industrious Girl
Kora Maiden Girl
Radomila Happy Favor Girl
Vera Truth, Victory, One who Brings Victory Girl
Kamila A Youth Employed in Religious Services Girl
Maja Sea of Bitterness Girl
Vanda Wish, Desire, Wanderer, The Girl
Beda Battle Maid, Prayer Boy
Barnabas Son of Prophecy, Son of Consolation Boy
Marcel Mars, The Roman God of War Boy
Ola Wealth, Defender of Mankind, Ancestor Boy
Otto Fortune, Born Eighth, Wealthy, Great, Famous Boy
Urban From the City Boy
Dita Prosperity, Battle, Abbreviation of Edith Girl
Ester Star Girl
Eudora Gift without Limits, Good Gift Girl
Hortensia Derived from the Feminine Form of the Roman Clan Name Hortensius Girl

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