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757 Polish Baby names available with meaning. Browse all the 757 Polish Baby names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Szczepan Crown Boy
Szymon Listening Intently, God has Heard Boy
Tadeusz Gift of God, Given by God Boy
Tait Happy, Measure of Land, Form of Tate Boy
Tatiana Fairy Princess, Fairy Queen Girl
Tekla Glory of God, Famous, Divine Fame Girl
Teobald Bold, Brave Boy
Teodor Gift of God, God's Gift Boy
Teodora Gift from God, God's Gift Girl
Teofil Beloved of God, One who Loves God Boy
Terenia Harvester, Guardian Girl
Teresa Harvester, Late Summer, To Flow Down Girl
Tereska Harvester, Hunter, Guardian Girl
Tereza Harvester Girl
Tesia Loved by God, Friend of God Girl
Theofila God-loving, Loved by God Girl
Tobiasz God is Good Boy
Tolly Farmer, Son of Talmai Boy
Toma Twin, Palm Tree Boy
Tomasz Twin Boy
Tomek Twin Boy
Tomislaw Twin Boy
Tosha Contentment, Satisfaction Girl
Truda Fighting Woman, Diminutive of Gertrude Girl
Ukesh God's Gift Boy
Ula High Rank, Glory, Prestige Boy
Uriah Light of the God, Light is Yahweh Boy
Urszula Little Female Bear Girl
Urzula Bear, Little Female Bear Girl
Velimir Great Peace Boy
Violetta Little Violet, Purple, Violet Flower Girl
Vitomir Vitality, Life, To Rule World Boy
Vonda True Image, Loving Woman Girl
Voytek Consoling the Host Boy
Waclaw More Glory, Great Fame Boy
Waclawa More Glory Girl
Walburga Power, Strong Protection Girl
Waldemar Famous Ruler Boy
Walenty Healthy, Strong Boy
Walentyn Healthy, Strong Boy

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