Persian Baby Girl Names

57 Persian Baby Girl names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 57 Persian Baby Girl names to name your baby on 2021.

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Name Meaning Like
Andesh Knowledge
Arezoo Wish
Azar Shine, Fire
Binaisha Father's Pride,
Elaheh Goddess
Esta Star, Myrtle Leaf, From the East
Eszter Star
Fairuza Gemstone, Turquoise
Faria A Caravan
Gulbahar Rose Spring, Spring Rose, Garden of Flower
Gulnar Flower of the Pomegranate Tree
Hester A Star
Hettie Home Ruler, Star, Ruler of the Home
Ismahan Excellence Seeker or Spiritual Haven
Jaleh Rain, Dew
Jazmin Jasmine Flower
Laleh Tulip, A Kind of Flowering Plant
Lyla Dark Haired Beauty, Night, Divine Play
Minu A Gem, Precious Stone, Heaven, Paradise
Morvarid Pearl
Niloofar Water Lily
Nousha Pleasant, Sweet
Parisa Angelic, Like a Fairy, Like Paris
Parvaneh Butterfly
Parween Cluster of Small Stars
Rakhshindah Bright, Resplendent
Roshanak Light
Roshni Rays of the Sun, Light, Brightness
Roxanne Dawn, Bright, Star
Roxie Dawn, Bright Beginning of Day
Sanaz A Flower, Full of Grace, Flower
Shahin Royal
Shahnaz Pride and Bride of the King, Bride
Shahrzad City-born
Shideh Bright, The Sun, Luminous
Shohreh Famous
Shokufeh Blossom
Sia One who Brings Joy, Moving, Help, Light
Simin White, Silvery, Made of Silver
Taja Crown, To Mention, Short Form of Anastasia

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