Persian Baby Names

133 Persian Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 133 Persian Baby names to name your baby on 2021.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Adash Fire Boy
Alborz Mountain Boy
Anahita Full of Grace, Graceful Boy
Andesh Knowledge Girl
Arash A Hero, A Hero in Persian Folklore Boy
Ardashir Righteous Ruler Boy
Arezoo Wish Girl
Azar Shine, Fire Girl
Babak Name of the Father of Ardeshir Boy
Bahar Spring Boy
Bahman Name of the 11th Month of the Iranian Calender Boy
Bahram Name of a Persian King Boy
Bakhram Victorious Boy
Baraz Exalted Boy
Behnam Reputable, Someone with Honorable Name Boy
Behrouz Lucky, Fortunate Boy
Binaisha Father's Pride, Girl
Darien Upholder of the Good, Wealthy, Gift Boy
Darius Prophet, Wealthy, He that Informs Himself Boy
Dariush Ancient Persia's King Boy
Dilshad Joyous, Happy Heart, Cheerful, Beloved Boy
Elaheh Goddess Girl
Esta Star, Myrtle Leaf, From the East Girl
Esther Sweet Boy
Eszter Star Girl
Fairuza Gemstone, Turquoise Girl
Faria A Caravan Girl
Faridoon Thrice Strong Boy
Farzad Splendid Birth Boy
Farzin Learned Boy
Fereydoon Boy/Girl
Feroze Successful Boy
Firdaus Paradise, Heaven, Enclosure, Garden Boy
Firuz Successful, Victorious, Gem Stone Boy
Firuzeh Boy/Girl
Gaspar The Master of the Treasure, Treasurer Boy
Gazsi Boy/Girl
Gulbahar Rose Spring, Spring Rose, Garden of Flower Girl
Gulnar Flower of the Pomegranate Tree Girl
Gulshan Garden of Flowers, Rose Garden Boy

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