Parsi Baby Names Starting with 'J'

Looking for a unique Parsi Baby name starting with 'J'? Browse our collection of over 20 names and find the perfect name for your little blessing.



♂️ - Boy Name, ♀️ - Girl Name

Name Meaning Gender Like
♀️ Jafreen Brilliant, Beauty Girl 🖤
♂️ Jahan The World, Universe Boy 🖤
♂️ Jahandar Possessor of the World Boy 🖤
♂️ Jahangir A Moghul Emperor had this Name Boy 🖤
♂️ Jahanshah Emperor / King of the World Boy 🖤
♂️ Jalal Glory, Loftiness, Sublimity Boy 🖤
♀️ Jaleh Rain, Dew Girl 🖤
♀️ Jamileh Excellent Talents Girl 🖤
♂️ Jamshed Shining River Boy 🖤
♂️ Jamshid Handsome, Sun's Rays, Lights Boy 🖤
♂️ Jangi Warrior Boy 🖤
♂️ Javad Liberal, Garden Boy 🖤
♀️ Javaneh Sprout, Young Girl 🖤
♂️ Javed Immortal Jawahar Jewel, Alive Boy 🖤
♂️ Javeed Living Forever, Immortal Boy 🖤
♂️ Jehangir Akbar's Son Boy 🖤
♂️ Jafar Little Stream, Rivulet, A River Boy 🖤
♂️ Jalil Revered, Capable, Mighty, Exalted Boy 🖤
♂️ Jasper Guardian of Treasure who Guards the Treasure Boy 🖤
♀️ Jessamine Jasmine Flower Girl 🖤

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