Pakistani Baby Names

256 Pakistani Baby names available with name meaning. Browse all 256 Pakistani Baby names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Aaisha Lively, womanly, Obedient Girl
Abdulazaz Boy
Abdulhafid Servant of the Protector Boy
Abdullahi Father of Prophet Muhammed, Glorious Boy
Abdur Boy
Abuahmad Boy
Afad Boy
Aissa Wonderful Girl
Alema Loveable Girl
Alfadl Boy
Alfath Boy
Allahditta Given by Allah Boy
Allen Beautiful Woman Girl
Amarsi Boy
Ambr Sky Boy
Ameerhamza Boy
Anifa Bright Girl
Arhal King Boy
Armeen Asma, Arahaam Boy
Armina Warrior Girl
Arof Respecting, Good Nature Boy
Asfar Morning Light Boy
Ashfia Booster, Supporter, Storm, High Wind Girl
Ashreen Girl
Azmia Gold, Brave, Strong, Courageous Girl
Bhinder Strong Girl
Diyana Giver of gifts Girl
Elnaz Most Precious, Most Beautiful Girl
Eyman Right Side Boy
Fareeq Distribution Boy
Farhiya Happy, Pretty, Nice Girl
Fariyal Angel Girl
Fayzal Romantic Boy
Fazira Purity Boy
Fazna Winner Girl
Ghazia Child of God Boy
Ghizala Gazelle, Young Deer Girl
Hafisa Honour Girl
Hafiza Protected Girl
Haneefah Girl

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