Old-norse Baby Names

122 Old-norse Baby names available with name meaning. Browse all 122 Old-norse Baby names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Ake Ancestors Boy
Alva Noble Friend, Elf, Brilliance, Brightness Boy
Arvid Friend of the People, Eagle of the Wood Boy
Astrid Divine Strength Girl
Audun Deserted Boy
Balder Prince, Courageous Army Boy
Bjorn Bear, Courageous Boy
Brenda Little Raven, Fiery Hill, Burning Girl
Brenna Little Raven, Sword, Raven Maid Girl
Calder Cold Brook, Rough Waters, Stream Boy
Canute Boy/Girl
Colborn Boy/Girl
Colby Dark, Dark Haired, Coal Village Boy
Colden Boy/Girl
Crosby Dweller Near the Town Crossing Boy
Dagmar Joy of the Danes, Day's Glory, Glorious Girl
Dagny Daylight Boy
Darby Freeman, Park with Deer Boy
Destin Destiny Boy
Dustin Valiant Fighter, Brave Warrior Boy
Elof Sole Heir, Only Descendant Boy
Eric Ruler, Peaceful Ruler, Ever-powerful Boy
Erico Ever Ruler, Ruler of the People Boy
Erika Ever-powerful, Honorable Ruler Girl
Felman Boy/Girl
Fiske Fish Boy
Frey Lord, God of Weather, He who is Foremost Boy
Gandalf Boy/Girl
Gosta Boy/Girl
Gunborg Boy/Girl
Gunilla Battle Maiden Girl
Gunnar Battle Army Boy
Hackett Little Woodsman, Little Hewer of Wood Boy
Haldor Exalted Son, Highest Race, Thor's Rock Boy
Hall From the Manor Boy
Halvar Boy/Girl
Hammond House Boy
Haskell Intellect Boy
Helga Holy, Sacred, Faithful, Successful, Torch Girl
Hertha Earth, On the Earth, Fertility Goddess Girl

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