Baby Names for Numerology Number 7

Looking for a Baby Name for Numerology Number 7? Here is the list of 2423 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Aadarsh Traditional, Ideal, Good Behaviour Child Boys Name
Aadhavan Sun, Brilliant Like the Sun, Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Aadia Goddess Durga, Being a gift Girls Name
Aadipta Bright Boys Name
Aadith Peak, Lord of Sun Boys Name
Aadithi Peak Girls Name
Aaditya Sun, The sun, Lord of the Sun, The Sun Boys Name
Aahan Iron, Sword, Dawn (Early Morning) Boys Name
Aahna Exist Boys Name
Aalakshya Visible Boys Name
Aamisha Pleasing Girls Name
Aamod Pleasant, Pleasure Boys Name
Aan Pride, Rest, Respect, The Sun Boys Name
Aanandswarup Full of Joy Boys Name
Aanaya Blessed with God, God Gifted Girls Name
Aandaal Incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi Girls Name
Aanjay Unconquerable, Unbeatable Boys Name
Aansh Portion Boys Name
Aanshi God's Gift, Gods gift Girls Name
Aaranay Beginning, Starter, Forest Boys Name
Aarav Peaceful, Good Personality, Lord Ram, King Boys Name
Aaravi Peace Girls Name
Aarayna Queen Girls Name
Aardra Mild, Soft, Wet Girls Name
Aarin Mountain strength Girls Name
Aarini Adventurous Girls Name
Aarochan Shining, Bright, Name of the Sun Boys Name
Aarohi Musical Note, Tune, A Music Tune, Lucky Girls Name
Aarshin Pious Boys Name
Aaryamik Noble Boys Name
Aaryana Best, Noble Girls Name
Aashima Limitless, Protector, Defendant, Central Girls Name
Aashiyana Beautiful Home, Small Dwelling, Nest Girls Name
Aashni Lightning Girls Name
Aashresh Live as King, Clever Boys Name
Aashrut Famous Boys Name
Aashvith Ocean, Boys Name
Aasmi I am, Self-confident, I am Soul Girls Name
Aasthika Faith Girls Name
Aastik Who has faith in God Boys Name

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