Baby Boy Names for Numerology Number 6

Looking for a Baby Boy Name for Numerology Number 6? Here is the list of 1578 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Baby Boy Names for Numerology Number 6 - NamesLook


Name Meaning Like
Aabhat Shining, Visible
Aadhar Base, Brilliant Like the Sun
Aadhira Moon, The Moon
Aadhirai A special star
Aadhiren Dark
Aadi Starting, First, Sun God, Lord Shiva
Aadijay The First Victory, Win, The first victory
Aadish Full of wisdom, Intelligent
Aadishankar Shri Shankaracharya
Aadithya Lord of the Sun, The Sun, Sun God
Aahva Beloved
Aakaar Shape
Aakriti Shape
Aamish Honest
Aamodh Pleasure
Aanay Lord Ganesh, Lord Vishnu
Aaradhaya Regard
Aariv King of wisdom
Aaryan Respectable, Of Utmost Strength
Aaryaveer Brave Man
Aashang Loyal
Aashim Limitless
Aashvi Blessed and victorious, Little mare
Aatmanand In the Shadow of Soul, Blissful
Aavi Smoke
Aavish Kingdom, King, Holy incarnation
Aayansh The Sun
Aayudh Shastra
Abadhya Always Victorious, Unopposed
Abhaya Prada Bestowed of safety
Abhichandra Having a Moon Like Face, Fearless
Abhidha Name, Word, Sound,
Abhidi Radiant
Abhijat Noble, Wise, Faultless, Transparent
Abhijeet Victorious, Lord Krishna
Abhilash Desire, Wish
Abhinandana To rejoice, To celebrate, To praise
Abhinay Art of Expressing Acting, Expression
Abhiral Cowherd
Abhjeet One who is victorious

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