Baby Girl Names for Numerology Number 4

Page 2 Looking for a Baby Girl Name for Numerology Number 4? Here is the list of 640 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Like
Anshumi Every Part or Element of D Earth
Antini Living in a hermitage
Anu Keerthi Atom
Anudeepthi Divine light
Anukriti Photograph
Anula Not wild, Gentle
Anuragini Beloved
Anuska A term of endearment, Grace
Anuvindha One who Receives, One of the kauravas
Anwitha Goddess Durga
Apala Name of a Learned Woman of the Past
Aparajitha One of the kauravas, Unconquerable woman
Aparijita Undefeated, Name of a Flower, A flower
Apinaya Expressions in dance
Aprajita Undefeated, A Flower
Araceli Gate of heaven
Archisha A Ray of light
Arianna Holy one, Peace, Holy One
Ariona Bringer of life
Arshika Love Friendly, Love, Who gives happiness
Artisha Small
Aru Eyes Bright, Eyes, Beauty, The Sun
Arul Priya Love with grace
Arunangi Name of a Raga
Arushi First Ray of Sun, Beauty, Dawn
Ashka What we do after the Arti with our hand
Ashrika Helping Other, Someone gives shelter
Asritha Sister, Shelter, Dependent
Asti Presence, Existence
Athitha Surpassed
Aumnshi From Lord Shiva's Mantra Aum Namah Shivay
Avanitha Golden Girl, Earth
Avhnipaala Of warrior kings
Babay Small kid
Bahugandha One with Lot of Scent
Balachandrika Name of a Raga
Barisha Rained, Pure
Benisha Flashing
Bhaanavi Descendent of the Sun, Brilliant, Sacred
Bhadrakali Fierce form of Kali, Goddess Durga

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  • Good great learning experience for the world of words maintained at all times on top.

    Dr Rajendrakumar Bidari on November 13,2021
  • Good great learning experience in the world of words maintained at all times the the top Dr Rajendrakumar Bidari

    Dr Rajendrakumar Bidari on November 13,2021