Baby Names for Numerology Number 4

Page 4 Looking for a Baby Name for Numerology Number 4? Here is the list of 1745 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Page 4 Baby Names for Numerology Number 4 - NamesLook


Name Meaning Gender Like
Anshumi Every Part or Element of D Earth Girl
Antam Nearest, Intimate as a friend Boy
Antarang Intimate, Close to Heart, Inner Heart Boy
Antini Living in a hermitage Girl
Anu Keerthi Atom Girl
Anudeepthi Divine light Girl
Anukrit Photograph Boy
Anukriti Photograph Girl
Anula Not wild, Gentle Girl
Anum Blessing of God, Gods gift, Present Boy
Anuragini Beloved Girl
Anuska A term of endearment, Grace Girl
Anuvindha One who Receives, One of the kauravas Girl
Anwitha Goddess Durga Girl
Apala Name of a Learned Woman of the Past Girl
Aparajit Never Get Lose in War Boy
Aparajitha One of the kauravas, Unconquerable woman Girl
Aparichit Unknown Boy
Aparijita Undefeated, Name of a Flower, A flower Girl
Apinaya Expressions in dance Girl
Aprajita Undefeated, A Flower Girl
Apshrut Boy
Apurti Non-fulfillment Boy
Araceli Gate of heaven Girl
Aradhya Worshipped, Blessing of Lord Ganesh Boy
Archisha A Ray of light Girl
Archishman Sun, The Sun Boy
Archith Prayer, Worship Boy
Arianna Holy one, Peace, Holy One Girl
Arijit Conquering Enemies Boy
Ariona Bringer of life Girl
Aritra Joy, One who Shows the Right Path Boy
Arjeeth Earned Boy
Arka The Sun, Light, Brilliant Boy
Arshika Love Friendly, Love, Who gives happiness Girl
Artagnan The knower of all meanings Boy
Artatrana Other name of jaganath Boy
Arthit One who was Praying for, The Sun Boy
Artisha Small Girl
Aru Eyes Bright, Eyes, Beauty, The Sun Girl

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