Baby Boy Names for Numerology Number 3

Page 2 Looking for a Baby Boy Name for Numerology Number 3? Here is the list of 1532 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Like
Abhrakasin With clouds for shelter, An ascetic
Abhranila Lord Basudev
Abidin Worshippers, Adorers
Acaryatanaya Son of the Teacher, Son of Teacher
Adhipa King, Ruler
Adhya Monday, Lord Shiva, First power
Adikavi First poet
Adinath The First Lord, Lord Siva, Lord Vishnu
Adityavardhana Increases Glory, Augmented by the Sun
Adniyyan Inhabitant
Advait Unique, Lord Ganpati, One of Its Kind
Advaitha Union of matter and soul, Non duality
Advika World, Earth, Unique
Adwaith Unique, No one like him, Non duality
Adwik Unique
Aeshan In gods grace
Agamiya The Karma we perform in this birth
Agasti Name of a sage
Agnihotra Sacrifice offered to Agni
Agrata Leadership
Agrim First, Leader
Ahijit Conquerer of the Serpent
Ahil Prince, Emperor, Ruler, Commander
Aja Fire, Unborn, Purity, Path of Light
Ajai Hinduinvincible, Invincible, No Defeat
Ajatashatru A name of Vishnu, Without enemies
Ajeesh A male given name used in india
Ajira Not Slow, Agile, Rapid, Quick
Ajith Invincible, Conqueror
Akalin Pure
Akalmash Stainless, Pure
Akhand Whole, Entire, Unbroken
Akharsh Attract
Akilan Intelligent, Ruler of the World, Logical
Akkrum Lord Buddha
Akrish Young Krishna
Aksh Chariot of Thousand Horses, Divider
Akshaya Indestructible

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