Baby Names for Numerology Number 3

Looking for a Baby Name for Numerology Number 3? Here is the list of 2449 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Aadarshini Idealistic Girls Name
Aaditeya Son of aditi, The Sun (Son of Aditi) Boys Name
Aadvik Unique, None of Second Boys Name
Aadyant Infinite from beginning (Aadi) to end ant Boys Name
Aadyot Praise Boys Name
Aaghnya Born from fire, Goddess Lakshmi Girls Name
Aahladita Bubbling with delight Girls Name
Aakaansha Wish, Desire, Dream Girls Name
Aakanksh Desire, Hope Boys Name
Aakshya Not distroyable Girls Name
Aalamb Sanctuary Boys Name
Aaliyah Sunshine, Bright, High exalted, to ascend Boys Name
Aamani Spring Season, Vasanth Ritu Boys Name
Aamodin Happy, Sweet fragrant Boys Name
Aamodini Pleasureable, Fragrant Girls Name
Aanandamayi One with full of happiness Girls Name
Aanav Humane Boys Name
Aanavi One with a Heart Like Ocean Girls Name
Aanick Atom, Anything extremely small Boys Name
Aantika Older sister Girls Name
Aapu Breath Boys Name
Aara Adoring, Light bringer Girls Name
Aaradhyay Belief, Respect Girls Name
Aaranyan Jungle, Forest Boys Name
Aarashi First Ray of Sun, Heavenly, Rice, Queen Girls Name
Aaria Honoured, Noble, Worshipped Girls Name
Aarman Desire, Wish, A wish, Desire (1) Boys Name
Aarnav Ocean, Sea, , Stream, Wave Boys Name
Aarnavi Heart as big as ocean Girls Name
Aarth Meaningful, Meaning Boys Name
Aarthi Worship, Gift for God Girls Name
Aaryak Kind Boys Name
Aasha Wish Boys Name
Aashisha Wish, Blessed Girls Name
Aashmeen Jasmine, Flower (1) Girls Name
Aashrith Ruler, Lard Vinayaka Boys Name
Aashvani Female horse Girls Name
Aathi Sun, First, Arranger, Adjuster (1) Girls Name
Aatrayi Container of glory Girls Name
Aavani First month of Tamil calendar Girls Name

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