Baby Girl Names for Numerology Number 2

Looking for a Baby Girl Name for Numerology Number 2? Here is the list of 198 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Baby Girl Names for Numerology Number 2 - NamesLook


Name Meaning Like
Aanshal Swan like
Aanvi Goddess Laxmi, Kind
Aapti Completion, Fulfilment, Conclusion
Aaryaa A Noble Lady, Goddess Durga / Parvati
Agalya Lovable, Light, Accommodations, Adaptation
Alaina Dear child
Alamelu Goddess, God Balaji Wife Name, Lotus
Almika The Sky
Amaanya Unmatchable, Unacceptable, Unknown
Ambali Sensitive, Compassionate, Loving, Mother
Amlika Tamerind, Tamarind
Amruta Immortal, Ambrosia, Nectar
Anavi Peace Loving, Kind to People
Anayna Mirror, Unique, Matchless, Goddess
Angana An Suspicious or Handsome Woman
Anima The Power of Becoming Minute, Soul, Anger
Anjali Join Hands, Palms Together
Anjusha Hanuman's Mother Name, Blessing
Ankita Baby of Sun, Marked, Lovable, Conquered
Annaya Unique,
Anooja Continuous, Younger sister
Anubha Lightning, Sunshine
Anumana Inference
Anuslum Cool, Calming
Anvee One of Devi's Names, Name of a Goddess
Aparaa Materialistic Knowledge
Apexa Expectation
Apsara Angel, Beauty, Celestial Maiden
Aria Gentle Music, Brings Rain, Man, Pledge
Aslesha Star, A Constellation of Stars, Embrace
Asluil Thunderbolt, Lightning
Asri Goddess Lakshmi, Lucky (1), Smile
Avedna Painless,
Ayanna Innocent, Beautiful Flower, Royal, Mirror
Ayona Eternal Life, Eternal Blossom, Saint,
Banita Woman, Teenager
Bimala Pure
Binata The Wife of Sage Kashyap,
Chakama Poem

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