Baby Boy Names for Numerology Number 2

Page 8 Looking for a Baby Boy Name for Numerology Number 2? Here is the list of 375 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.


Name Meaning Like
Shuban Arrival of Fortune, Name of Lord Ganesha
Sneha Love, Affection
Soanjan Drumstick tree
Soham Lord Brahmha
Sopan Stairs, Steps
Soumava Moon's Light, Moons light
Srujan Creator, Creative, Birth, Creation
Subhan Aware, Holy, Glorifying, Praising Allah
Subin Good King, Su-good bin-king
Sudaaman Cloud
Suddh Pure, White
Sukanya Beautiful, Comely
Sukesh With Beautiful Hair
Sukrut Good Work, Su-krutya means good work
Sulaksha Fortunate, Lucky
Sumati Friendly, Good minded
Sumeet A good friend, Well measured
Sunanda Happy, Very pleasing, Very Pleasing
Sunasi Lord Venkateswara, Lord Indra
Sunit Good principles or prudent or righteous
Susmit Beautiful laugh, Having good smile
Sutoya A river
Suvrat Saint, Ruling Well
Swadha Lovely, White, Clearness
Swami Master
Swapan Dream, King of dream
Swapna Dream
Swatik Pure, Devotionally pure
Talin Lord Shiva, Unclear, Musical
Tamila Sun, The Sun
Tanisk Daughter
Tanmay With an Inspire, Engrossed, Absorbed
Tanshu Lord Shiva, Quite Nature, Quite nature
Tantra Treatises on Ritual, Meditation
Tanush Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Shiva
Tapasya Produced by Heat, Meditation
Tarank Savious, Saviors

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