Baby Names for Numerology Number 11

Page 50 Looking for a Baby Name for Numerology Number 11? Here is the list of 1981 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Page 50 Baby Names for Numerology Number 11 - NamesLook


Name Meaning Gender Like
Yathrath Boy
Yatindra Sanyasi, Lord Indra Boy
Yatiyasa Silver Boy
Yatnesh God of efforts Boy
Yayin Lord Shiva Boy
Yazhini An Instrument, Musical Instrument (Yaazh) Boy
Yenakshi Girl
Yogi One in Million, Devotee, Sage Boy
Yogish Lord of Yoga, God of Yoga Boy
Yogyasri Goddess Lakshmi, Money, Good Girl
Yoshana Girl, Young Girl
Yudishan Boy
Yuj To concentrate Boy
Yupaksh The eye of victory Boy
Yusrah Ease Girl
Yuvani Flower, Beautiful, Youthful Girl
Yuvansh Young generation Boy
Yuvaram Prince, Boy
Yuvrani Young queen, Princess Girl
Zitien Little shinning spark Boy
Zoyel Girl

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