Baby Names for Numerology Number 11

Page 3 Looking for a Baby Name for Numerology Number 11? Here is the list of 1981 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Page 3 Baby Names for Numerology Number 11 - NamesLook


Name Meaning Gender Like
Aman Wonder, Peace, Hero, Safety, Protection Boy
Amaresh Name of Indra, King of Andhra Boy
Amarni Wishes, Aspirations Girl
Ambhini Born of Water, Water born Girl
Ambuj Lotus Boy
Ambujakshan Lotus eyed Boy
Amleshlata Goddess Parvati Girl
Amodini Happy Girl, Joyful, Pleasurable Girl
Amoorta Formless Boy
Amreen Pray, Powerful and Complete Girl
Amul Priceless, Valuable Boy
Anaadih One who is the first cause Boy
Anala Fire, Wind, Goddess of fire Boy
Anam Blessing, Grace, Reward Boy
Anandamay One with full of happiness Boy
Anandamayi Full of Joy, Full of happiness Girl
Anandmayee Full of Joy, Full of happiness Girl
Anangee Cupid's Consort, Cupids consort Girl
Anav Starting, Humble, Ocean, King, Rich, Generous Boy
Anbarasi A Kindful Girl, Queen of Love Girl
Anbu Kindness, Softness, Love Boy
Anbumadi Kind and intelligent Boy
Anchita Honoured, Worshipped, Honored Girl
Aneri Totally Different, Extra ordinary Girl
Aniesh Supreme Boy
Anikait Lord Krishna, Lord of the World Boy
Anilabh Spirit of the wind Boy
Animash Bright, Open eyed therefore attractive Boy
Anindini Who does Not Speak Ill of Others Girl
Anirveda Not caring sorrows and suffers Girl
Anishvar Naastik Boy
Anjal Hollow formed by joining two hands Boy
Anjanappa Anjaneya Swamy Boy
Ankolika An embrace Girl
Ankshika Fraction of the Cosmos Girl
Anku Grace Girl
Ankushi Self-possessed Girl
Annuabhuj Lord Shiva Boy
Ansal Strong, Mighty, Powerful Boy
Anshida Singer, Girl

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