Baby Names for Numerology Number 11

Looking for a Baby Name for Numerology Number 11? Here is the list of 1981 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Aabharana Jewel Girls Name
Aaditey Son of Aditi Boys Name
Aakarshan Attraction Boys Name
Aamrutha State of deathlessness, Immortality Girls Name
Aanal Fire Girls Name
Aanandatha Happy Girls Name
Aanandita Purveyor of Joy, Happy Girls Name
Aaoka Lustrous, Shining Girls Name
Aapt Reliable, Trustworthy, Faithful Boys Name
Aar Light bringer Boys Name
Aarathana Soft and beautiful Girls Name
Aariket Lord Ganesh, Against desire, God Ganesh Boys Name
Aarish First Ray of Sun, Smart Boys Name
Aarpit To donate, To give or offer something Boys Name
Aaryaman Noble Person, Civilized, Noble-minded Boys Name
Aaryamani Belonging to the Sun Girls Name
Aaryik Respected Boys Name
Aashakiran Ray of hope Girls Name
Aashirvad Blessings Boys Name
Aashish Blessings Boys Name
Aashraya Shelter Girls Name
Aasya Dance performed by Goddess Parvati Girls Name
Aatmaja Daughter, Daughter of the soul Girls Name
Abay Always Listening, World Girls Name
Abel Breath, Highborn and Steadfast, Child Boys Name
Abhijay Victory, Winning, Victorious, Conquest Boys Name
Abhijun Expert, Skilled Boys Name
Abhimanyusuta Son, Abhimanyu (1), Son of Abhimanyu Boys Name
Abhinabhas Renowned, Famous Boys Name
Abhipsa Strong desire, Wish, To Know about God Boys Name
Abhir Mighty One, Single, A cowherd Boys Name
Abhiri A Raagini of indian music Girls Name
Abhishri Surrounded with Glory, Fearless beauty Girls Name
Acalesvara God of the immovable Boys Name
Acaryasuta Son of the teacher Boys Name
Achyuthan Indestructible Boys Name
Adarshini Idealistic Girls Name
Adbhutah Wonderful God Boys Name
Adhinath The first Lord or Lord Vishnu (1) Boys Name
Adhip King, Ruler Boys Name

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