Cute Norse Baby Names

286 Norse Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 286 Norse Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Ari Lion, Brave, Inner Skin, Eagle, Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Aric Ruler of All, Sacred Ruler, Ruler Boys Name
Brian Strong, Honourable, Strength, High, Noble Boys Name
Broderick From the Broad Ridge, Renowned Ruler Boys Name
Eric Ruler, Peaceful Ruler, Ever-powerful Boys Name
Elvis All Knowing, All Wise Boys Name
Harold Army-power, Army Ruler, Leader of an Army Boys Name
Kari Gust of Wind, Curly-haired, Pure, Man Boys Name
Oliver Olive Tree, Elf Army Boys Name
Rolf Wolf Counsel, Famous Wolf, Wolf Fame Boys Name
Ricky Ruler, Peaceful Ruler, Dominant Ruler Boys Name
Tate To be Cheerful, Great, Measure of Land Boys Name
Brenda Little Raven, Fiery Hill, Burning Girls Name
Eda Wealthy Guardian, Wealthy, Happy, Fight Girls Name
Iona Violet, Island, Flower Name, Blessed Girls Name
Maria Pleasure of Joy, Bitter, Sea of Bitterness Girls Name
ran Pleasing, Strong defender Girls Name
Halfrida Peaceful Heroine Girls Name
Rona Light, Rough Island, My Joy, Wise Ruler Girls Name
Alf Counsel from the Elves, Elf Boys Name
Arik Ruler of All, Sacred Ruler, Noble Leader Boys Name
Aaric Rule with mercy Boys Name
Alvis All-knowing, All Wise Boys Name
Arick Ruler of All, Rule with Mercy, Ruler Boys Name
Arrick Ruler of All, Rule with Mercy, Ruler Boys Name
Anderson Son of Andrew, Masculine Boys Name
Booth Lives in a Hut, Dwelling Place Boys Name
Bothe Lives in a Hut Boys Name
Balder Prince, Courageous Army Boys Name
Baldur Brave Warrior, Courageous Army Boys Name
Baudier Brave Warrior, Courageous Army Boys Name
Broderic Brother Boys Name
Cort Courtier, Court Attendant, Bold Boys Name
Cadby From the Warrior's Settlement Boys Name
Dain From Denmark, Brook Boys Name
Dane From Denmark, God is My Judge Boys Name
Darby Freeman, Park with Deer Boys Name
Davin Beloved, Dear One, Bright Finn Boys Name
Denny God of Wine, Follower of Dionysus Boys Name
Digby Farm by a Ditch, Town by the Ditch Boys Name