Nigerian Baby Girl Names

44 Nigerian Baby Girl names available with meaning. Browse all the 44 Nigerian Baby Girl names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Nigerian Baby Girl Names | 44 Names Available - NamesLook



Name Meaning Like
Adanne Mother's Daughter
Adenike The Crown is Loving, Affectionate
Adeshola The Crown Brings us Joy
Aina Mirror, Lightning, Beautiful Eyed Woman
Aisha Living, Prosperous, Lively, Woman, Life
Alo Light
Amarachi God's Blessing, God's Grace
Amarachukwu Grace of God, God's Favor, Divine Grace
Anah Patience, Perseverance, Answer, Singer
Anike A Prized Possession, God is Gracious
Aoise God will be Yours
Arah Mother Earth Protects from Death and Other Evil
Arica Prediction of the Winds
Arima One who has Kingly Features, Soul
Asa Healer, Like, Similar to, Doctor
Caleigh Slender
Cerena Serene, Calm, Peaceful, Cheerful
Chika Near, Scatter Flowers, Wisdom
Derin Precious Present, Gift of God
Hassana Twin Girl
Ifeoma Precious Child, Good, Precious
Jamilah Beautiful, Graceful, Elegant
Kanina Youthful, The Little Finger
Mahparah Piece of Moon
Maryam Name of Mother of Jesus, Bitter, A Flower
Marziya Accepted, Well-pleased
Michelle Who is Like God, Who Resembles God
Mimi I am, Pet Name for Marilyn or Miriam
Minika Calmness
Modupe I am Grateful, Gratefulness
Monife I have Honey, Admirer
Morenike I have Gotten One to Pamper and Cherish
Nijah Success
Nkechinyere What God has Given, God's Gift
Nyree Flaxen, Pacific Islander
Sakirah Thankful
Chimere A Loose Sleeveless Robe Worn Especially by Anglican Bishops
Efe Richness, Abundance, Prosperity
Efi Born on Friday

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