Nepali Baby Names

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♂️ - Boy Name, ♀️ - Girl Name

Name Meaning Gender Like
♂️ Arine Full of Joy, Mountain strength Boy 🖤
♂️ Arju Peacock, Son of Lord Indra Boy 🖤
♂️ Maulik Precious, Valuable Boy 🖤
♂️ Nakul Name of One of the Pandavas Boy 🖤
♂️ Neson God Gift, Giver, Controller Boy 🖤
♂️ Pranish Love of Lord Boy 🖤
♀️ Raaga Belongs to music terms, Melody Girl 🖤
♀️ resha Feather, Line, Saintly Girl 🖤
♀️ Reya Rich or from hadria, Gem Girl 🖤
♀️ Selvi Happy Prosperous Daughter Girl 🖤

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