Baby Names for Vishakha Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Name for Vishakha Nakshatra? Here is the list of 146 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.


Name Meaning Gender Like
Teekshika On the Name of Rashi Libra, Girl
Teena Clay, Anointed, Christian Girl
Teeraj Boy
Teeravika Boy
Teerth Holy Place, Sacred Water, Holy place Boy
Teertha Holy place, Sacred water Boy
Teerthankar A Jain saint, Lord Vishnu, A Jain Saint Boy
Tegvir Bright Boy
Tehihya Girl
Tehiya Girl
Tej Bright, Lustrous, A Strong Ray of Sun Boy
Teja Light, Lustrous, Power, Prowess Boy
Teja Surya Radiant, Bright (1) Boy
Tejai To glow Boy
Tejam Tej i am Boy
Tejansh Boy
Tejas Sharpness, Brightness, Brilliance, Lustre Boy
Tejasee Energetic, Brilliant Girl
Tejash Full of Lighting, Brightness, Sharpness Boy
Tejashree With Divine Power and Grace, Brightness Girl
Tejashri With devine power and grace Boy
Tejashwini Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent Girl
Tejasmita Beauty, Brightness, Girl
Tejasvi Energetic, Gifted, Brilliant, Lustrous Boy
Tejasvin One who has Tej, Brilliance Boy
Tejasvini Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent Girl
Tejaswi Lustrous, Energetic, Gifted, Brilliant Boy
Tejaswin Bright, Radiant Personality, Lustrous Boy
Tejaswini Bright, Brave, Radiant, Lustrous Girl
Tejaswita Brightness Girl
Tejavardhan Glorious for Ever, Boy
Tejender Source of Energy, Boy
Tejendra The Lord Sun Boy
Tejesh Sun, God of Brightness, God of brightness Boy
Tejeshwar The Sun Boy
Tejesvini Energetic, Gifted, Brilliant, Girl
Tejeswani Illustrations of Lord Shiva, Bright Girl
Teji Radiant, Brilliant, Very Fast Boy
Tejini Sharp, Bright, Energetic, Brilliant Girl
Tejit Whetted Boy

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