Baby Names for Uttara-phalguni Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Name for Uttara-phalguni Nakshatra? Here is the list of 321 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Paajas Goddess Laxmi Boys Name
Paak Innocent Boys Name
Paal Guardian Boys Name
Paalin Descendant of faolan Boys Name
Paalit Precious Boys Name
Paanik Hand Boys Name
Paaraj Gold Boys Name
Paarak Saving Boys Name
Paaras Precious Stone, Costly Metal, Touchstone Boys Name
Paarth Another Name of Arjuna, Arjun Boys Name
Paarthiban Another name of king arjunan Boys Name
Paarthiv Lord Vishnu, Earth, Prince of earth Boys Name
Paaru Sun, Fire Boys Name
Paasy One of the kauravas Boys Name
Paatav Agile Boys Name
Paavak Pure, Fire Boys Name
Paavan Purifier, Water, Air, Pure, Sacred, Breeze Boys Name
Paawan Pure, Wind, Pious Boys Name
Pachai Youthful, Resourceful Boys Name
Pachaimani Youthful, Resourceful Boys Name
Pachaimuthu Youthful, Resourceful Boys Name
Pachak Digester, Digestive Boys Name
Padam Lotus, Letter Boys Name
Padm Baby Lotus, Lotus Boys Name
Padmabandhu Friend of Lotus, Bee, Sun Boys Name
Padmadhar One who holds a lotus Boys Name
Padmahasta Lotus-handed, Lord Krishan, Lotus handed Boys Name
Padmaj Born from Lotus, Lord Brahma Boys Name
Padmakant Husband of Lotus, Husband of lotus Sun Boys Name
Padmakar Jewel, Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Padmaksh Lotus Eyed, Lord Vishnu, Lotus eyed Boys Name
Padmalochan Lotus eyed Boys Name
Padmam Lotus Boys Name
Padman Lotus Boys Name
Padmanaabhah He from whose navel comes the lotus Boys Name
Padmanaban Padmanabhan comes from the Hindu word which means Boys Name
Padmanabh Birth from Lord Brahma Boys Name
Padmanabha One with lotus in his navel, Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Padmanabhan One with lotus in his navel, Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Padmapani Lord Bramha, Lord Brahma Boys Name

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