Baby Names for Swati Nakshatra

Page 6 Looking for a Baby Name for Swati Nakshatra? Here is the list of 400 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Rosheen Rose, Little Rose Girl
Roshen Light or Producing Light Boy
Roshika Never forgotten by people Girl
Roshin Light, Light or producing light Boy
Roshine Rose Girl
Roshini Charming, Powerful, Light, Brightness Girl
Roshita Illuminated Girl
Roshith Shining, The perfect person Boy
Roshitha Bright Light, Illuminated Girl
Roshma Girl
Roshna Bright Girl
Roshni Rays of the Sun, Light, Brightness Girl
Rossini Light, Bright Girl
Rosy Deep Pink, Beautiful, Rose, Deep pink Girl
Rothak The Sun Boy
Rouble Money, Russian Currency Boy
Rounak Light or Happiness Boy
Rouprita Girl
Rownak The Happiness of Family, Khushali, Boy
Royina Rising, Growing, Ascending Girl
Rua Dreams, Visions Girl
Ruaan Soft Boy
Rubal Russian currency Boy
Ruban Hill, Plural of Rubwa, Bright Girl
Rubendran Jesus Son, Boy
Rubesh God of Beauty, Boy
Rubi Ruby, Pearl, Red Gemstone Girl
Rubin Behold, A Son, Bright Boy
Rubini Cute Girl
Ruby Reddish, Red Colored Precious Gemstone Girl
Ruch Radiant Boy
Rucha Splander, Bright, Brilliant, Radiant, Cool Girl
Ruchak Large, Agreeable, Good Luck, Aggriable Boy
Ruchee Hobby, Luster, Beauty Girl
Rucheta Girl
Ruchi Light, Interest, One who Gives Happiness Boy
Ruchika Interest, Shining, Beautiful, Desirous Girl
Ruchir Hero, Always Winner, Force, Beautiful Boy
Ruchira Brilliant, Beautiful Boy
Ruchit Bright, Shining, Pleasant Boy

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