Baby Names for Swati Nakshatra

Page 3 Looking for a Baby Name for Swati Nakshatra? Here is the list of 400 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Reshvin Boy
Reshvind King Maker, Boy
Resmi Ray of light or Sun rays, Silken Girl
Retheesh Lord of seasons, Lord of truth (1) Boy
Rethika God, Very Careful, A small river, Stream Girl
Rethushana Goddess Laxmi Girl
Retvik Boy
Rev The sacred Narmada river Boy
Reva River, A star, Narmada River Boy
Revaan Horse rider, A star, Name of Shiva Boy
Revan Love, Wonderful, Horse Rider, Horse rider Boy
Revansh First Ray of Sun Boy
Revant Son of Lord surya(sun Boy
Revanth Son of Sun, Horse Rider Boy
Revantha Sai Boy
Revanthi Beautiful, Girl
Revanthika Girl
Revappa God Boy
Revat Brilliant Boy
Revathi Wealth, A star, Silky Boy
Revathy Star, Wife of Moon, Wealth, A star Girl
Revati Wife of Balarama, A Star, Prosperity Girl
Reveka Captivating Girl
Revendra Boy
Revitha Star, Prosperity (1) Girl
Rewa Swift Girl
Rewathi Boy
Rewati Girl
Reya Rich or from hadria, Gem, Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Reyaan Fame, Lord Vishnu Boy
Reyaansh Lord Vishnu, Lord vishnus Ansh Boy
Reyan Fame, Gift of God Boy
Reyansh A Part of Sun, Lord Vishnu, Ray of Light Boy
Reyna Queen, Form of Regina Girl
Roabesh Intelligent, Boy
Robbie Bright with Fame, Famed Boy
Robin A Singing Bird, Bright Fame, Famed, Shining Boy
Roble Born during the rainy season, Money Boy
Rochak Tasty, Delicious Boy
Rochan Red Lotus, Bright, Red lotus Boy

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