Baby Names for Swati Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Name for Swati Nakshatra? Here is the list of 400 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
rang Beautiful, Lovely, Raven Boys Name
rea Poppy, Earth, In Greek Myth Girls Name
Rebanta A Son of Surya, Boys Name
Rebh Singer of praise Boys Name
Rebha Sings praises Girls Name
Rechal Responsible, Innocent lamb Girls Name
Recika Lovable Girls Name
Redan Having Loved Heart, Boys Name
Reddy Power, Dominate, Leader, Forerunner Boys Name
Redha Lover of Krishna, Elf counsel Girls Name
Redu Elf counsel Boys Name
Reedev Boys Name
Reedh Custom, Husband of Goddess Lakshmi Boys Name
Reedhanth Boys Name
Reeha Air, Smell, Destroyer of enemies, Star Girls Name
Reeja Goddess Lakshmi, Good news, Desire, Hope Girls Name
Reekarnav Boys Name
Reela Beautiful Girls Name
Reema Sukh, Happy, Goddess Durga, White antelope Boys Name
Reena Artistic, Gem, Dissolve, Reborn, Cute Girls Name
Reenu Amiable and cooperative Boys Name
Reepal Love, Merciful or compassionate Girls Name
Reesha Feather, Sanity, Decoration of Heaven, Line Girls Name
reet Style, Tradition, Custom, Culture Boys Name
Reeta Pearl, Variant Form of Rita, Sings Praises Girls Name
Reetama Pearl Girls Name
Reeth Tradition, Culture Boys Name
Reethana One who is endowed with immense capabilities Girls Name
Reethiksha Girls Name
Reeti Method, Wealth, Protection, Conduct Girls Name
Reetika One who Follows Traditions and Rituals Girls Name
Reeva Tied, Joined, Beauty, River, A star Girls Name
Reeya Rich or from hadria, Gem, Goddess Lakshmi Girls Name
Reeyansh First Ray of sunlight, Vishnus Ansh Boys Name
Reha Destroyer of enemies, Star Girls Name
Rehaan Fragrant One, Star, King, Fragrant one Boys Name
Rehana Air, Sweet Smelling Plant, Air of Heaven Girls Name
Rehansh Part of Lord Vishnu, A Part of Sun Boys Name
Rehanshi Sweet Basil Girls Name
Reheila One who shows the way Girls Name

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