Baby Names for Sravana Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Name for Sravana Nakshatra? Here is the list of 199 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Jebabalan Son of Prayer, Boys Name
Jebin Prayer, Prayer boy Boys Name
Jebisha Prayerful Girls Name
Jeel Silent lake Girls Name
Jeemooth Cloud Boys Name
Jeemutbahan Pleasure of Victory, Full of life Boys Name
Jeenal Lord Vishnu Girls Name
Jeenam River, Girls Name
Jeet Winner, Victory, Win, Success, Victorious Boys Name
Jeeta Invincible, Unconquerable (1), Winner Boys Name
Jeeteshi Goddess of victory Girls Name
Jeethika Jewess, Woman of judea (1), Winer Girls Name
Jeetu Always winner Boys Name
Jeev Live, Alive, A live Boys Name
Jeeva Life, Nice Person, Life Style, Handsome Boys Name
Jeevaa Born Girls Name
Jeevaj Born Boys Name
Jeeval Full of life Boys Name
Jeevan God Gift, Life Giving, Full of Life, Life Boys Name
Jeevana Life Girls Name
Jeevanandham Boys Name
Jeevanbabu Life giving Boys Name
Jeevani Life, Auto biography Girls Name
Jeevankala Art of life Girls Name
Jeevanlata Creeper of life Girls Name
Jeevanprakash Light of life Boys Name
Jeevansh Part of Life, Part of Soul, Jeev ka Ansh Boys Name
Jeevant Medicine Boys Name
Jeevanthini Name of a Raga Girls Name
Jeevantika Name of a Raga Girls Name
Jeevaraj Lord of life Boys Name
Jeevesh God, Courageous Boys Name
Jeevika Life, Water, Source of life Girls Name
Jeevita Pretty Girl, Life Boys Name
Jeevith Living for ever Boys Name
Jeevitha Life, Alive Girls Name
Jeevnee Life, Auto biography, Auto Biography Girls Name
Jegan Strong, A Name of Lord Boys Name
Jegapriyan Loved by the world Boys Name
Jegatha Truth of the world Girls Name

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