Baby Girl Names for Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Page 34 Looking for a Baby Girl Name for Shatabhisha Nakshatra? Here is the list of 1356 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Like
Swardhuni River
Swarna Gold
Swarnalata Lustrous
Swarnamalli Name of a Raga
Swarnamugi Gold
Swarnaprabha Golden light
Swarni Gold
Swarnika Fair Complexioned, Gold
Swarnima Golden
Swasthi All peace, Name of a star
Swasthitha Auspicious
Swasti A Star, Name of a Star, All peace
Swathi Pure as a Pearl, A Star, Clean, A Nakshatra
Swathika Beauty, Auspicious beginning
Swatika Auspicious beginning
Swayambhi Independent
Swayamprabha Saintly lady who assisted Hanuman and his companions in ramayana
Sweccha Freedom
Swechha Apni Ichchha own wish
Swedha White, Clearness, Lovely
Sweekruthi Agreeing, Promising
Sweena Only mine
Sweety Lovely, Happiness, So sweet
Sweni River,
Sweta As Pure as Milk, Fair Complexioned
Swetcha Freedom
Swetharani Fair complexioned, Pure
Swity Sweet, Happiness, So sweet
Swra Sweet Voice,
Syama Black, Dark blue
Syana Princess
Syra Princess, Fate

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