Baby Names for Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Page 4 Looking for a Baby Name for Shatabhisha Nakshatra? Here is the list of 3533 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Saanvi Tarita Lakshmi Parvati Girl
Saanvika Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Durga Girl
Saaran Joy Boy
Saarang A musical instrument Boy
Saarangi Distinguished, Doe, Musical instrument Girl
Saaransh Summary, In brief Boy
Saaras Swan Boy
Saarik Resembling a small song bird Boy
Saarika Cute Name, A Parrot Girl
Saarth Meaningful, Charioteer of Partha - Arjun Boy
Saarvendra Every where, God Boy
Saarya Name of a pious woman Girl
Saatej Possessing of brilliance and/or intelligence Boy
Saathvi Existence, Real Boy
Saathvik Raising, One of Lord Shiva's Name, Calm Boy
Saatvik Virtuous, Lord Krishna, Pious Boy
Saatvika Pure Planets, Waxing Moon Boy
Saatwika Calm, Neemmmadasturalu Girl
Saavan Evening, A Hindu month Boy
Saavant Employer Boy
Saavi Goddess Lakshmi, Sun, The Sun Girl
Saavini Pertaining to the month of Saavan Girl
Saavitra Of the Sun, Offering, Fire Boy
Saavitri A Ray of light, Hymn, A form of the Devi Girl
saavyas Bring together Boy
Saaya Shelter, Shade, Influence, Evening Girl
Saayak Arrow Boy
Saayan Precious Friend, Companion, Dynamic Girl
Sabal With strength Boy
Sabareesh Lord of Sabari hill, Lord Ayyappa Boy
Sabareeshwara Lord of Sabari hill, Lord Ayyappa Boy
Sabari One who lives in Sabari hill Boy
Sabari Gireesh Lord of Sabari hill, Lord Ayyappa Boy
Sabariesh Boy
Sabarinath Lord Rama Boy
Sabarinathan Devotional, Lovable, Lord Ayyappan Boy
Sabarish Lord of Sabari hill, Lord Ayyappa Boy
Sabarishri Lord Ayyappa Boy
Sabhrant Rich Boy
Sabhya Refined, Of Good Conduct and Manner Boy

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