Baby Boy Names for Revati Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Boy Name for Revati Nakshatra? Here is the list of 396 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Baby Boy Names for Revati Nakshatra - NamesLook


Name Meaning Like
Chaah Love, Pit, Fondness, Fancy
Chaanakya Name of Kautilya, The Great Scholar
Chaaran Feet
Chaaruchithra One of the kauravas
Chaayan Moon
Chahan Super
Chahat Desire, Wish, Love, Affection
Chahel Good cheer
Chaidya Wise, Ruler
Chain Peace
Chaital Consciousness, New Year
Chaitan Consciousness, Perception, Intelligence
Chaitanya Consciousness, Life, Knowledge, Movement
Chaithra Peace, New bright light.aries sign
Chaitnya Consciousness, Wisdom, Soul, Mind, Spirit
Chaitra First Month of the Year
Chaitya Pertaining to the Mind, Individual Soul
Chak Field, Ground, Brilliant
Chakesh Intelligent,
Chakor A Bird Enamoured of the Moon
Chakra Wheel, Circle, Discus, The Sun
Chakradev Lord Vishnu
Chakradhar Name of Lord Vishnu
Chakrapani Love, Discus Holder, Lord Vishnu
Chakravartee A sovereign king
Chakravarthi King, Sovereign King, Emperor
Chakresh Lord Vishnu, Name of Lord Vishnu
Chakrin With a discus, One with a discus
Chakshan Hindu Boy, Good looking
Chakshas Sight, Look, Guide, Vision, Brilliance
Chakshu Eye, Eye of Star
Chaman Garden
Chamanlal Garden
Champa Soothing, A flower
Champabati The Daughter of an Ancient King Raja Sahil Verma
Champak A Flower, Fragrant Flower, A flower
Chanak Father of Chaanakya,

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