Baby Names for Pushya Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Name for Pushya Nakshatra? Here is the list of 165 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Heema Gold, Snow Boys Name
Heemakar Big as Mountain, Mountain Ranger, Boys Name
Heemali Bringer of Wealth, Gold, Golden, Ice Girls Name
Heena Henna, Myrtle, Mehndi, Fragrance Girls Name
Heenal Goddess of beauty and wealth Girls Name
Heenita Grace Girls Name
Heer Diamond, Wealth, Powerful, Power, Darkness Boys Name
Heera Diamond, Queen of gods Boys Name
Heeram Its biblical name Boys Name
Heeran Lord of the diamonds, Immortal Boys Name
Heeranya Gold, Golden, Wealth Girls Name
Heerkani Small diamond Girls Name
Heerva One of the four Vedas, Blessing Girls Name
Heet Well Wisher, Good Doer, Love Boys Name
Heetraj Best wishing, Lovely Raja, Lovable Boys Name
Heeva Beautiful Eye, Ultimate Girls Name
Heeya Heart, Voice from Heart Girls Name
Heian Peace, Tranquility Boys Name
Heidi Noble and Serene, Noble, Nobility Girls Name
Hejal God Blessing, Fruit Girls Name
Hela Hope, Moonlight Girls Name
Helasa Girls Name
Heli Ascending, Climbing Up, Embrace Boys Name
Helly Rain Fall, Girls Name
Hely Waves, Who is like God Girls Name
Hem Gold, Lord Shiva, Silver, Closeness Boys Name
Hema Gold, Golden Boys Name
Hema Latha Golden or beautiful (1) Girls Name
Hema Lathi Golden, Beautiful (1) Girls Name
Hema malini Golden, Beautiful Girls Name
Hemaadri Mountain of gold Boys Name
Hemabindu Dew drop Boys Name
Hemachandra Golden Moon Boys Name
Hemachandran Boys Name
Hemadri Mountain of Gold, Also the Himalaya Boys Name
Hemadrika Girls Name
Hemagni Golden Body, Goddess Parvati Girls Name
Hemakesh Lord Shiva, Venkateswara Boys Name
Hemakshi Golden Eyes, Golden eyed Girls Name
Hemala Related to Flower, Golden Boys Name

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