Baby Names for Purva-phalguni Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Name for Purva-phalguni Nakshatra? Here is the list of 474 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Mod Modesty Boys Name
Modak Pleasing Boys Name
Modaki Delightful Girls Name
Modini Happy, Cheerful Girls Name
Moh Affection, Love, Short Form of Mohan Boys Name
Mohajit Attractive Boys Name
Mohak Attractive Boys Name
Mohal Attractive, Sweet, Lovable, Intelligent Boys Name
Mohan Fascinating, Charming, Beauteous Boys Name
Mohana Enchanting, Attractive Boys Name
Mohana Priya Lovingly & affection Boys Name
Mohanadhvani Name of a Raga Girls Name
Mohanakalyani Name of a Raga Girls Name
Mohanam Beautiful, Good looking, The Delusion Boys Name
Mohanan Boys Name
Mohanapriya Loving, Attractive & charming Girls Name
Mohanasri Attractive, Charming (1) Girls Name
Mohani Charming, Infatuating, Beautiful Girls Name
Mohanish Krishna, Attractive God Boys Name
Mohanraj Charming, Fascinating, Lord Krishna (1) Boys Name
Mohasha Girls Name
Mohen God Krishna, Boys Name
Mohil Love, Attractive Boys Name
Mohin Attractive, Glamour Boys Name
Mohini Most Beautiful, Bewitching, Enchantress Girls Name
Mohisha Intellect, Sweet Girls Name
Mohit Attach, Impression of Other Boys Name
Mohita Attracted, Infatuated Boys Name
Mohith Smooth, En-snarled by Beauty, Attracted Boys Name
Mohitha Attracted, Infatuated Girls Name
Mohitra Girls Name
Mohnish Who Attract in First Meeting Boys Name
Mohona Attractive Girls Name
Mohul Attractive Boys Name
Mojith Girls Name
Moksh Salvation, Freedom from Births, Mukti Boys Name
Moksha To Relieve, Free from Births, Salvation Boys Name
Mokshad Last of Moksh, Last of Moksha Boys Name
Mokshagna Presenter of Moksha (Relief), Son of Sun, Boys Name
Mokshajna Boys Name

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