Baby Names for Purva-ashadha Nakshatra

Looking for a Baby Name for Purva-ashadha Nakshatra? Here is the list of 267 names and you can pick a perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Bhubandeep The Sun Boys Name
Bhudev Lord of the earth Boys Name
Bhudeva Lord of the Earth, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Bhudhav Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Bhuma Goddess of Earth, Mother Earth, Earth Girls Name
Bhuman Earth Boys Name
Bhumat Possessing the earth Boys Name
Bhumi Earth, Land, Base Boys Name
Bhumija Born from the earth Boys Name
Bhumik Land Lord, Earth Boys Name
Bhumika Earth, Base Girls Name
Bhumin Son of the Earth, Earth Boys Name
Bhumit Land, Friend of Land, Friend of land Boys Name
Bhupad Firm Boys Name
Bhupal King Boys Name
Bhupali Name of a Raga, A Raagini in indian music Girls Name
Bhupan King Boys Name
Bhupat Lord of the earth Boys Name
Bhupathi Lord of the earth, The hero of stunts Boys Name
Bhupati God of the Earth, King, Lord of earth Boys Name
Bhupen Kings of King, King Boys Name
Bhupendra A King who Rules All over Earth Boys Name
Bhupesh Lord of Joy, King of Earth, King Boys Name
Bhushan Cleaver, Ornament, Feeling of Proudness Boys Name
Bhushana God Shankar, Lord Shiva (1) Boys Name
Bhutapala Protector of Living Beings, Spirits Boys Name
Bhuv Sky, Heaven, Earth Boys Name
Bhuva Fire, World, The Upper World Boys Name
Bhuvainika Heaven Girls Name
Bhuvan Earth, Palace, Ruler Boys Name
Bhuvana Palace, One of the three worlds Boys Name
Bhuvanesh The Lord of the World Vishnu Boys Name
Bhuvaneshwar God of the World, Lord of the World Boys Name
Bhuvaneshwari Goddess of World, The Earth Girls Name
Bhuvaneswari Goddess of earth, Goddess name Girls Name
Bhuvanika Heaven, Girls Name
Bhuvanpati God of the gods Boys Name
Bhuvas Air, Atmosphere Boys Name
Bhuvesh The king of earth Boys Name
Bhuvi Heaven Boys Name

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